Welcome to Ciliptis Design

a small graphic design agency based in the Twin Cities. Welcoming projects both large or small, printed or digital, and everything in-between.


Creativity comes in infinite forms, however not every thought, concept, or idea is the right solution. Together we can create what works best for you and your vision.


Not everyone has the best intentions nor the proper answers for your project. Sometimes the underlying resolution is built on relationships while finding the right fit for everyone.


Collaboration results in the optimal output. We will always be better working as a team because together we are greater than the sum of our parts.


Single track thinking and execution will never result in success. When we put our open hearts and minds together we discover solutions that surpass expectations without exceeding budgets.


Even with the rise of the digital world, we can still say that print isn’t dead yet.  Whether it’s stationery, booklets, catalogs, banners or anything in between, we are here to help determine what is necessary for you and your company’s printing wants/needs.


Digital design is everywhere these days, especially through social media and web. We understand branding and advertising are keys to success in any business. From WordPress to Facebook to web ads to email templates, we can help.


With over 20 years of experience in the world of fine arts and illustration, we find this skillset the most enjoyable and fun. If you’re looking for t-shirt designs, surreal-beings, animals, or whatever else your mind envisions we can help.


At times a simple logo with a generic typeface just isn’t enough to portray your lifelong business endeavor. “Good-enough” branding isn’t always enough to successfully marketing your business. Sometimes it’s necessary to go beyond that to create your identity.


High-quality presentations and professional documents are key tools to inform those in-house as well as potential clients on how your business works. We design effective, clear, and visually appealing presentations to make an impact.


Sound and music can be interpreted the same way as art and design. From something as simple as digital sound effects to full-song compositions, the right frequencies, amplitudes, and timbres can help convey meaning and experience.